Best Places To Add Into Your Upcoming Ethiopia Tour Package

The number of things to see and do in Ethiopia will astound any avid tourist. The nation is just rising from an exceedingly rough communist state and is just beginning to thrive. Because the nation was so closed off to the rest of the globe the inhabitants of Ethiopia are pretty open & curious regarding the outside world. 

One of Africa’s hidden backpacking gems, Ethiopia propelled itself to one of my top five countries to visit. If you are planning to visit this mesmerizing land, let me guide you to some of the best places to add into your upcoming Ethiopia itinerary. 

Danakil Depression:

Lying 100m and more beneath sea level, the Danakil Depression is one of the hottest & driest areas on the planet having a standard temperature of 35+ degree Celsius. It’s a wonderful site of geographical enchantment, an area speckled with hot springs, active volcanoes, salted basins, lava lake and most importantly lunar landscapes. It’s a massive uninhabited area that lies below the sea level, it is the lowest point in entire Africa and the 2nd lowest in the earth. Exploring this area is no walk in the park, so be brave. 

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The Omo Valley:

Much like Maasai in Kenya, The Omo Valley is the only place in the globe where you can still discover endemic people that have not been affected by the outer world. The south is also a great site for African safaris, a lot of people are astounded that Ethiopia actually does provide safaris. 

The Rift Valley:

The Rift Valley is blessed with several hot springs, lovely lakes, and plenty of splendid African wildlife. The passage feature a string of 7 lakes and each of the 7 lakes has its own unique appeal. The hot springs here in Rift Valley are highly admired for their healing properties, and travelers from all over the world love to bathe in them. Ensure you join them at some point during your journey. 


It’s the oldest Islamic city in Ethiopia that’s renowned for its historic buildings & striking city walls. Harar features nearly 99 mosques and it represents old school islamic culture. The best highlight of Harar are the ‘wild’ hyenas though. At sunset, tourists can spot the local people attracting wild hyenas in the city. For many generations these hyenas have salvaged within the city walls during night, through this they’ve become ‘friendly’ with a group of males who nourish them and permit you to nourish them – an exceedingly frightening experience – but one that’ll keep Ethiopia in Your memory for many years. 


Simien Mountains:

Due to their unique formations, the Simien Mountains are also popularly known as God’s playground. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Simen Mountains also offers treks into the national park where tourists can discover a magnificent combination of animals & incredible landscapes. 

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